Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sharing is Caring

You guys I have a secret. I have to spill it's guts because it's overflowing. Each week I pin things to a board on my Pinterest  page that no one can see. Then I plan on sharing all of the goodies on Friday {I promise I do, I have the best intentions}. Then I do not make time for a consistent Friday Favorite post. The links are getting out of hand. I have to purge. They weigh on me. So, because I care about you, I am going to share all my hidden morsels.

I hope you enjoy! { some are old and some are new}

Who doesn't love Maroon 5? ~ PopSugar

I too have a lesson obsession  ~Chatting at the Sky

Just where does our fat go? ~LifeHack

100 years of beauty { girls we can be silly}~ Cut.com

What do you say to a hurting friend? ~Bronlea

Ouch!! I realized I sleep too much ~ Jen Thorn

Could you forgive? ~MSN {BTK Killer}

Former Stripper takes on a Sex Trafficker in the US {That's one bad chick}~ Fox News

Now you know and I feel so much better.

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