About Us

They call me...

Misty. Mother. Mom. Momma. and Meh. Yes, it is just a sound. None the less I answer to it. I have been told I have a good eye. I love to redo, repurpose, and redecorate. I hate to paint.  

I love to bake.

We met young. Married young. Bought real estate young. Had children young. Each choice, each road brought us right to where God wanted us. 

Our lives have been reformed. Changed in almost every. possible. way. imaginable.  I asked God to do whatever it took to bring us closer to Him. Get us off the fence. Make us choose. He answered my prayer in a BIG way. 

We lived in a beautiful home in the middle of the safe suburbs. Owned a flourishing real estate business. With some poking and prodding we realized there was more to life then this. We sold our beautiful home and moved to the Family Ranch. A legacy property purchased by Jeff's parents. Together we are the Very Unlikely Farm Hands. We feed horses, chickens, a goat, some Llama's, a few dogs and way too many cats on a daily basis. We started homeschooling. Failed miserably at gardening. Redid the basement apartment {this took some major painting}. 

Each day we become more and more aware of the very wide world around us. We feel tugging on our hearts that God is not done with this adventure yet. We are becoming idealist. 

We are sinners. We fail. 

We are learning grace. We are learning real love. 

We are working on our life's mission. 

Our new prayer has us shaking in our boot's a little. Here we are God. Send us. What will that look like?  Only God knows. 

*** All of our pictures were taken by the very talented Angelique

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