Saturday, February 28, 2015

A place for the wild heart to heal

Tonight I set next to the burning flame and listen as the four wheeler comes and goes. Sometimes the boys run in for hot dogs or marshmallows. Other times they have come back for more tools. They have made the trek to the top of the Mountain and built a fire.

The last few months it feels as though the amount of boys in our home has tripled. I don't mind it.  Because the Mountain is wild, the boys gather here.

We have an extra MountainChild living with us right now. It's been incredible for his soul to be here. The "boy" is barging out. The Mountain calls his name. The Wild Draws him in. Being what God created him to be.

If we would have left last year when I wanted to. If we would have left in November when I begged to go. If we would have made plans to pack up and be gone by tomorrow. The healing on this Mountain would not have taken place.

This is a place of refuge for the hurting. For those who need rest. For those who are weary. Up here. Where the air is a little thinner and nature is wilder.

Thank you God for knowing better then I. Thank you for "unanswered" prayers.

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