Monday, February 2, 2015

Month of LOVE {will you take my challenge?}

Here it is, already the 2nd day in February. Officially the month of LOVE.

 I know some people get so down because they don't have a Valentine. I am here to offer a solution. What if we made the month about giving LOVE instead of receiving? What if there were random acts of LOVE in our own homes and out in the world? Would you take the challenge?

Each Monday I am going to post 5 different acts of LOVE I am planning and then I will report back on Friday. Would  you link up with me or leave me a comment on Friday to tell me how you did? I would LOVE that!!

************ This week I am starting at home ***********

1. I am going to make each of the boys their favorite meal this week. Hayden ~Teriyaki Salmon. Taylor ~ pulled pork sandwiches. Kolten~ Tacos

2. I am going to call my Grandma just to say "hi"

3.I am going to send a handwritten card to my aunt who lives far away from our family.

4. I am going to give a hand written love note to my MountainMan when he gets home.  {TMI?}

5. I am going to mail a small gift to my SIL. She has been working so hard at school. A full time mother, job and getting a 3.9 in school is pretty amazing!! She deserves a little treat.

I can't wait to hear what you all do.

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