Thursday, June 26, 2014

Strawberries on Poop

I just ate 4 balls of peanut butter coconut oil cookie dough. {say that with your mouth full} I am stuffing my emotions. Trying to keep my mouth shut. Pushing this nagging pain in the top of my throat down. It makes me gag. Makes my eyes water. My heart ache.

It's the nag to write.

 For months now I have shut down. Not published. Erased and ignored words that are biting at  my soul. Today I can't take it any longer. I am going to ease the pain. I am writing. I am praying. I am swallowing hard. Because I don't want to be divisive. I don't want to cause dissension. Instead what's happening is I am becoming disenchanted.

Events that have happened in the last few months, that have led up to some eye opening events in the last few weeks...  have left me shaking my head. Left me with my mouth pierced tight. My fists clenched. My heart aching. My mouth shut in the name of peace.

So, I will write today. Sleep on it. Publish tomorrow.

In hopes that the magic that was once there, can be revealed as just a hoax. A trick. Found out by the One who shines light on the liars. The fake and fraudulent.


Once while moving, the fridge was unplugged. Everyone forgot about it and the food that sat inside. It was put away in a dark warm storage unit... for weeks.

The storage unit was opened one hot day and the stench that poured out was revolting. The owners were embarrassed and decided to get to the bottom of this smell. The woman ran to the store to get some cleaning supplies and strawberry room spray. The man decided to move some stuff around to make more room for the cleaning. He mapped it out and scheduled what they would do. Soon the woman returned with all the supplies and started to wipe down the floors and the doors. The man recommended which way to sweep and wipe. She told him to scrub on top of the fridge. They moved it to the other side of the unit.  They worked hours, checked off all of the to do's and decided they had done all they could do. The woman sprayed the strawberry spray and closed the door.

The next day... they came back to see if their hard work had paid off. As they walked up to the storage door, the stench stopped them in their tracks. They were incredibly embarrassed and insecure. The woman sprayed more strawberry spray... while the husband ran to get some signs to post on the property; telling everyone how great life was and is, how the kid's are doing great, the vacation was perfect and Jesus says love the widows and orphans. He found some clever ways to quote scriptures and told everyone to support the local charitable organization. The woman backed her husband and helped hang them all over the the storage unit. They left again thinking... "enough Jesus quotes and strawberry room spray should have everyone fooled enough to know that the stench was not coming from their unit."

The next day... the stench was smelled at the gate of the storage units. Neighbors were starting to get sick from the smell. The neighbors tried to talk to the man and woman about the rot in their fridge. They would not listen. The woman sprayed more strawberry room spray and left to buy a Mercedes to park in front of the unit. Maybe the neighbors wouldn't notice the stench if they were distracted by the beautiful car.

The next day... all of the neighbors were at the unit. A few had some really harsh things to say about the stench. Others were there with bleach and rags. They wanted the man and woman to know that if they opened up the unit and opened up the fridge, they would be there to help them clean the rot that had been building.

They opened the door... At first it was overwhelming. Those that were there for the show, left. Those that were there to point fingers, dwindled. Those that were there to spout harsh words, vanished. All that was left were those with the bleach and rags. They dug in. They didn't stop, until the rot was gone. They all gagged together and some vomited. In the end the heart of the stench was revealed, cleaned up. A community was built. Strawberry room spray was no longer needed. There was a refreshing clean smell that lingered. Nothing to be covered up.

We all have a stench that  we can't seem to get to the bottom of. We can pretend and wrap it up with pretty bows. Gift wrap in the best cars, gadgets, homes, work, titles, community service etc. In the end the strawberry spray is not going to cover it. Strawberries on Poop!

We need a Savior who reveals these rotting areas. Many times for me this has come in the form of community.  Not just any community. I have come to find that some are there just to laugh, point fingers, make you feel guilty. Some will NEVER get over your stench even after it is long gone. Some come to stay. Some come to help clean up the stench. Some come to help remind you how to keep it away.

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