Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Favorites {sisterhood}

Sisterhood. Priceless.

I was brought up to think women are evil and not friends. We can be emotional and at times catty. Yet, we LOVE. We love deep and strong like only an emotional being can. Which means we get hurt deep. A wise sister once told me "We are going to get hurt by people we are in relationship with. We have to decide if we would want to be hurt by that person. If so, then it's worth having them in your life" {I may have botched that whole quote, but that's what I remember from it}

At this point in  my life, I really think about that. If you are in my life. I want you here. I love you. We may not talk as much as we want or meet on the regular like we should. You are my sister. {OR brother} Please know, you have a piece of my heart.

Today I received a gift in the mail. A beautiful Turquoise ring!!! My sweet friend saw it and thought of me. She left me a little note letting me know that Turquoise is the gem of friendship and that it is usually given as a gift. Do I need to tell you I teared up?

I have had heart wrenching conversations with some of my sister's this week. One as recent as tonight that is just pulling at my heart strings. She gives it to me straight forward. I have always loved her for that. She is an answer to a prayer that I had not prayed but 2 minutes before our phone call. I am left with hard choices before me, as does she and we promise to pray for each other.

I chat with another sister who has a hard move in front of her. She has been wronged! In my eyes. I want to be vengeful. She reminds me that we are not in control and that she is learning from this situation.

I get a prayer request for another sister. I have been praying often for her. I hear the situation has changed, I rejoice.

Another sister joined the Salt Lake Valley. I am so excited she, her husband, 5 boys and 1 beautiful baby girl have come to Utah. It was a journey to get here. She was patient and passionate. Her twinkle in her eye this week left me staring. Her peace like a river... inspiring.

I am thinking of another sister I have had coffee with. It's been too long. Please, let's do it again.

Another sister battling divorce and cancer at the same time.

They comment on my blog posts.

She emails me invites for the 4th of July.

How did I get so lucky to have these women in my life?

This week I dedicate it to my sister's. Near and far.


My favorite Instagram:

This is my favorite because we went 3 days with muddy water. MountainMan fixed it!! Like always, he saves the day.

Loved this commercial {I apologize for silly things too}- Pantene

This Mama recognizes there is a difference in the way boys and girls communicates. She and I adore the language of boys- Huffington Post
I really enjoy this news anchor. She is bold and truthful. Go girl!- Megyn Kelly

This weekend I am going to take a breather. I am going to finally finish Jesus Feminist. Go to the gym for a run. Menu plan. Clean the camper. Give all the males in this house a haircut. Take a drive up the canyon with Grace Bible to set up camp. 


What about you? Do you have a community of sister's you can't do with out? Do you have someone you need to forgive and realize that to be in relationship you are going to get hurt?

What's your weekend look like?

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