Thursday, February 11, 2016


I remember setting on the couch in the living room as my mother set opposite of me. I was pretending to read a Judy Blume book. She was puffing away at her long slender cigarette talking about the “the GAP”. 

No, not the trendy store with the flower shorts that eluded me all my childhood. The thigh GAP. The ever loving gap between your thighs that makes you more attractive than the rest.  I remember running to my room to look in my full length mirror to check out my thigh gap. It wasn’t there. I then checked again at the school playground while leaning up against the slide, at the best friend’s home and over and over again through the years. It’s NEVER been there. I have always been so envious of the girls with the long legs and the thigh GAP.

I use to think it was really important to get the thigh GAP. Now I know that God blessed me with other things. Like green eyes, thick hair and curvy hips. Thighs that can hike my body around for miles and the bump on my nose and the GAP in my teeth.  {I refuse to get braces}

What about you? Do you envy some women wishing you had their body? OR have you come to terms that you are be YOU tiful?  

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