Friday, August 7, 2015

a remarkable concurrence of events~ Coincidence

She is late and apologizes. She tells us that she wasn't going to come but last minute she decided she needed to. She brings zuchinni bread for us to break over coffee. As she starts to share a piece of her story, my heart begins to race. She reminds the other ladies how long she said no. They all shake their heads remembering. She reiterates how after she came to terms with it and said "YES!!" Others said NO. She questioned herself. The Holy Spirit and God. She thought maybe she had made it up. That it really wasn't laid on her heart . She wrestled for a time. She laid it at God's feet and He changed hearts. There is some humming... I realize it had come from me.  {sounded a little too familiar}.

As I share a bit of my past we realize there is someone else in the room with a very similar story...

Our sweetest hostess recommends writing a verse, a book or thought that is on our mind. Then we are to stick it in a bowl. When we leave we just grab one out of the bowl. I left with the one pictured above. John 15:16

Shit!! That's all that runs through my mind when things like his happen. {I hope I don't grieve the Holy Spirit}

This piece of the Word is exactly what I had been studying the other night. The other night after a crying out to God. "Don't make me. I can't do it. I am not equipped." The same night I was sent this in my instant message from a dear friend. She said she felt she needed to send this to me.

So, I took a deep breath and said yes. I open the Word and continue to plan the women's study. I am told there are no coincidences only God laying plans. Things coming together. God using community, people to be Him.

I am told that "if people want to know what God is like, they can look at Jesus.If they want to know what Jesus is like, they should be able to look at his followers"~ Max Lucado

Philippians 2:1-18 shows me what this should look like. I am reminded of not so long ago my epiphany of a Titus 2 woman {that should be me}

No coincidences. Just a foundation being laid. A plot being twisted. The author writing His story on our hearts. A story that needs to be shared. Because that is how He is shared.

My God is relentless. No.He is faithful to answering prayer. A caring Father. He doesn't leave me hanging. He takes me through His word to show the importance of Community and then reminds me again the following Sunday in Church.

His answer to prayer makes my jaw drop, drool left dripping of my lips.

There are no coincidences only Angel's working in our mist. God building on a foundation. Weaving thoughts, words, people, experiences into a beautiful story. All to His glory.

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