Friday, February 12, 2016

Gold on the Ceiling

I have extravagant taste. I have hankerings for Gold ceilings and huge chandeliers {I freaking dream of these. Literally dream. in.color.}. Black framed windows and walls full of bricks.  These things don’t really fit in my 900 square foot home at the moment.

For now our dwelling is a tiny little home under a giant of a home.  But we’ve spent a lot of time making it feel cozy, beautiful, elegant and rustic all at the same time. It’s us. 

 We have an amazing all stone fireplace. All of these rocks were harvested right here on this land by my in-laws. There are huge wood beams that hold the house up and lighting fixtures picked out by us. Antlers that welcome our guests {not many since we don’t invite enough} There is the perfect amount of old mixed with new and sparkle mixed with rust. It’s just us. MountainMain meets wanna be CityGirl.

I feel it’s best to live your life right where you are at. Make it beautiful and decorate in such a way that if you were to die today people would have fun touring through all of your stuff. They would say “yes, this is so _______. She really lived life beautiFULLy."

How would you decorate your dwelling/  home/ skyrise/ farmhouse/ betty/ cottage/ capecod /apartment /condo /modern ranch if you had NO budget and could abandon all sense and practicality?

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