Friday, August 7, 2015

Three years ago today...

They say you tend to remember mostly good stuff after a loved one dies. I might agree.
It’s been three years today since Daddy passed away. Those memories are still fresh. I still want to pick up the phone and share my day with him. I still wait for a phone call on the boy’s birthdays. I still listen to the last saved message I have from him {I like to hear him call me Sis}. The hole has changed but my missing him hasn’t.
Lot’s has happened since Dad’s homecoming. My little brother {Kasey} is expecting his first baby this year. I wish Dad could be there to give him fatherly advice.
Hayden is driving and working on his car. Dad would have loved to dig in and help rebuild the Bronco. Dad was a great driver, one of the best. He drove long haul most of his life. He is the one that taught MountainMan. It would have been fun to watch him give pointers to my son.
Taylor is quite the hunter. So was Dad. I can only imagine the stories they could have shared.
Brayden starts kindergarten this year.
Lobster misses their Sunday morning coffees.
Dad was a simple man. He never owned a house. He never owned a brand new car. He never took a vacation although he had seen every state in America. Dad would give his last dollar if it meant you would be happy. Dad was always content.
Dad couldn’t hold a grudge. When Dad said he forgave you, he did. You never heard about it again.  He didn’t tease and he wasn’t a critic.
Dad was hard on himself. Dad didn’t have a Dad until he was almost grown. Then his step father loved him as his own. Dad was physically abused and mentally berated. Dad was starved by his own flesh and blood, his father. Dad remembered those memories and he never wanted anyone else to have to experience them. So, he fed the hungry. He said he loved you every five minutes. He was constantly hugging and holding your hand. It used to drive me crazy. Now, what I wouldn’t give to feel his big thumb rubbing my hand.
Lessons learned:
Love them while they are here
Say you love them more often
Forgive right away
Live simply
Be content
Remember the good stuff while they are still around

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