Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Currently... {The UNdone edition}

Currently… June was a whirlwind and now July is coming to an end.  

 I started #UNdone after having a major melt down. My weight was out of control. My emotions were out of control. My heart was out of control. I had to stop and listen and come #UNdone in a lot of areas of my life. I had to say NO to many things; relationships, commitments, foods, habits and arguments. 

I had to say YES to some brave new things; traveling with my two MountainBoys and the dog {without MountainMan} as well as traveling all by myself to Los Angles to meet the Mountainman for a couple of days. I drove and strolled the LA streets by MYSELF. This was huge for me.

Saying YES to the MountainMan leaving the country for an extended period of time. YES to the MountainBoys goingto Bible Camp for 3 weeks.  

And YES to my nephew going back to Salt Lake, after planning on adopting him. That heartbreak seems so far away and yet it feels so fresh in my chest. He said good bye and took a piece of my heart with him. Ultimately it was his choice.  

Currently Pondering... Neighboring and Community

Currently Reading… Just Courage ~Gary A HaugenHe Chose the Nails ~Max Lucado , Dr. A's Habits of Health, Beyond Boundaries ~ Dr John Townsend, Speak ~Nish Weiseth

Currently loving… This season of parenting. Our boys are growing. Physically {mustaches, muscles and height} In skills { hunting, driving, shopping for the best deals, budgeting their own money} Spiritually {they talk of God. Each conversation seasoned in salt. They have had 3 weeks of Bible Camp. One week for Leadership, One week with their peers and One week where they were Camp Counselors; our boys... camp counselors} Character {they talk about the under dog, the hopeless and how they can help. They talk about respecting women and marriage. I see them put their thoughts and words into action as I watch them interact with their peers and leaders.}  

Currently waiting for... {This is the same as last time I wrote. However, while chewing on the Word it hit me a little different. Maybe God is waiting on me to say YES} God. Waiting has taught me that just because I have not moved yet. Or the prayers I utter every night have not been answered… yet. Does not mean that God doesn't like me. OR that he doesn't answer my prayers like he does everybody else. It doesn't mean that I don’t have enough faith or that I waver too much. He is not waiting to pounce on me and make me pay for all my past sins. He is just waiting, probably on me. I am biting my nails trying to be patient, knowing that what he has in store is more than what I could ask for. 

 Currently excited about... This new page that seems to be turning for MountainMan

Currently missing... MountainMan. I am really excited for this new chapter for him. He is able to use his God given skills. It is paying off for him. He is getting recognition and new opportunities. He is traveling to amazing places and meeting incredible people. It also means he is gone 2-3 weeks out of a month. I miss him.  

Currently trying... to embrace this new chapter for me as well. MountainMan being gone. MountainBoys new found freedom's has me thinking... what do I do with this time. 

Currently working at... relationship and boundaries again...

Currently enjoying
... the sunshine. It feels like the days are already getting shorter

Currently using... all the new samples I get each month in my Birchbox!! I love all of the face exfoliates and fragrances. I am even trying new trends like "bright lips" 

Currently wearing... some new perfume I purchased. Kenneth Cole WHITE. It reminds me of a perfume I use to wear called MACKIE. Except this is a bit lighter. 

Currently planning... our next home. I don't know where it will be. It doesn't stop me from planning. By planning I mean Pinning...

Currently needing... Community. We all need it. We were made for community. It's how we grow. When we let others reach inside of us and change us. When others allow us to reach inside of them and change them. God is glorified. God is seen in tangible ways. We are healed, encouraged, called out and metamorphosis takes place. Community is our cocoon.  

Currently learning... that EVERYTHING I do effects someone. That decisions that people around me make effects me as well. Do they understand that? Do they care? Am I using this knowledge to encourage or discourage? What about those around me? Are they intentionally encouraging me or discouraging me? 

Currently listening to... the hush of a box fan

Currently wishing... for too much to put on paper. It's time to put one foot in front of the other instead of just wishing 

Currently doing... a Women's Bible study curriculum. I  am putting it together for this fall. I am hoping to launch a women's discipleship program at our current church. 

Currently praying for... the MountainMan and his safe return. MountainMan boys and their continued growth. Grace Women's Ministry. Marriages that are hurting and being torn apart. Sick to be healed. Eye's to be opened. 

 What are you currently up to?

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