Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Adventures in Plot Changes

Suits are packed along with 11 days worth of underwear. He has printed off the itinerary and made copies of all the necessary documents he needs. An extra copy sets on the desk for me; just in case anything were to happen. This is something I appreciate about MountainMan, he is always thinking of me. Making sure that I am taken care of in case anything were to happen. 

He leaves on a morning plane to get to California. From California to Amsterdam. Amsterdam to Kenya. That's the plan.

He Skypes from Canada to let me know he has had an unexpected detour. The landing gear door had broken in takeoff and this would affect the flight. They landed in Canada for the night. I ask if this bothers him. He reassures me “no”. 

Eventually he got to Kenya and without his luggage. {it turned up two days later}

He got the job done despite the plot turns.  I never expect anything different from MountainMan.

He is home now. Resting, with jetlag.  

Sometimes it is these surprises that bring the best adventures. It's these times I have to remind myself that my ways are not God's ways. That what was meant for evil he makes for good.   

Have you ever been there? Expecting life to go one way and then there is a plot turn? You have planned and prepared. Maybe this detour was a surprise to you but it was not to God. You have not missed the boat. You are not missing out on the plan that God has for you. He knows you better then you know yourself. He knows what’s around the corner. You are right where he wants you. 

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