Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adullam and prayerfully considering Un-Friending some people

Guys, I feel the deep creeping in. I use to think it was dark, I was scared of it.  Now I realize it a spot of growth for me. It’s a time to reflect and hole up. The key is emerging.

David did it. Hole up I mean. In a cave, Adullam. He was seeking refuge.  It was a time of reflection. He was asking God questions, lamenting.  Time in the cave strengthened him, restored him and encouraged him. He eventually emerged, stronger with unbreakable faith. His time prepared him to withstand what was around the bend.

My time in the hole:

I am taking time to reflect on How God is with me. He sees me, He knows my every thought. I trust Him to work through these questions.

I am trusting that He defends me.  At this moment I don’t have the strength, the wisdom or words to fight right now. This is unusual for me. I am a fighter by nature. This time in the hole, I am waiting on God to act.

Right now in the hole, I am prayerfully considering boundaries. Where to draw them and how too lovingly (even to myself) use them.

God has a purpose for the hole. I will trust in it. I promise I won’t be here long.

I like this quote my friend put on Facebook this week.
  "If someone tracks mud into your beautiful home night after night, forgiving him means the next time he knocks, you go to the door. But if he is still muddy and still willing to track it in, don't let him in. There has been no repentance, thus there can be no reconciliation. Only repentance (taking off his muddy shoes in respect of your home) can result in an invitation to come in. Forgiveness is simply the willingness to keep going to the door in hopes that true repentance may have occurred."
-John Bishop

Here’s is to the hole, healing and no more tracking mud on my carpet. {please picture a large cup of coffee swirled with the delicious Samoa's Girl Scout flavored Coffee creamer. Samoa cookie in the other hand}

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