Saturday, November 15, 2014

Give Me Wisdom

I have a list of things I do not want to be when I am 60.
Bitter, angry, dishonest, hypocritical, cynical, demanding, a gossip, a drunk, drug addicted, sick, mean, apathetic, greedy, comfortable, critical, rigid, inflexible and stupid.
Wise is what I long to be. The road to wisdom is tough.
Wisdom is taught. For me, I am a hands on learner. God know this of me. He knows I need to be shown.
I understand that wisdom is not just handed to you when you reach a certain age. Wisdom is not something that comes with gray hair or wrinkles. Wisdom is a gift given to us through life. Life lived abundantly. We receive only through Christ. We go through adventures. We ride the roller-coasters. We are silenced in quiet times. Wisdom is given to us through loss and gain.
Wisdom is made through sanctification. Wisdom is mined like silver and refined like Gold. Wisdom comes when we ask for it. God alone understands the way to it and He alone knows where it dwells. He confirms the place it hides in my heart and he tests it.
Wisdom comes from the Lord who counsels me and instructs my heart. Then setting the Lord always before me, he takes my right hand. He guides me and at times pulls me. He shows me the path and fills me with joy. Then knowledge is planted. Understanding comes out of hiding. Wisdom grows.
It is in the deeps. In the dark recess of my heart that he puts pressure. It is underground where these things are changed by His fire. No one has walked there, yet he does. He knows its worth, more than diamonds or sapphire. He digs away and tunnels through this heart of mine. He makes way for rivers to begin and brings what is hidden to light. He lays this heart bare and shows me that wisdom cannot be bought. The price for wisdom is beyond any precious stone. He whispers to my soul there is more. I yearn for it. I ask for it.
He gives me more.
The fear of the Lord- that is wisdom JOB 28:28b
For those days when I ask “why am I learning this again?”

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