Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fried Green Tomaters

The weather in Utah has been beautiful. Warm and in the 70's for the most part. Yet, last week we had a cold front come in. It KILLED the garden.

While this totally bummed me out. There were still a lot of Green Tomatoes left on the vines. So, I picked them . 

Sliced them.

Breaded them.

Spilled some oil

And fried those babies up.

 I added some Remoulade Sauce. 

And called it dinner. 

Except all the Mountain Males added some Mac N Cheese to their plates!!


  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup corn mesa flour (this is my secret)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • medium-size green tomatoes, cut into 1/3-inch slices
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Salt to taste

  1. Combine egg and milk; set aside.
  2. Combine 1 cup all-purpose flour, corn flour, 1 teaspoon salt, and pepper in a shallow bowl or pan.
  3. Dredge tomato slices in the flour mixture; dip in egg mixture, and dredge it back in the flour mixture.
  4. Pour oil to a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch in a large skillet; heat to 375°. Drop tomatoes, in batches of 3-5, into hot oil, and cook 2 minutes on each side or until golden. Drain on paper towels or a rack. Sprinkle hot tomatoes with salt.

I wish I had a great recipe for the Remloulade. I just throw the following in a food processor and blend it up. 

large scoop of Mayo
squirt of yellow mustard
squirt of ketchup
squirt of brown mustard
two cloves of garlic
a teaspoon of horseradish
a sprinkle of lemon juice
chopped onion

blend it up and dip away

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