Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Walk on the Wild Side

Sometimes when work is all done, the chores have been finished and the sun is still in the sky; Mountainman takes me on a hike.

This day was something special.  I had to hurry.

First we drove the 4 wheeler.
Then we walked and walked.
Climbed a fence.

We crossed streams and got lost in tall grass. We had to climb steep hills.

We walked some more. At one point I asked MountainMan if he knew where we were going. He pointed to the obvious. I just smiled and took a picture...

As we made it to the barbwire; I was told I had to be very, very quiet. {Please tell me you just envisioned Elmer Fud too?!}

I was told to tip toe. Not to talk. Don't step on pine cones and try to avoid sticks.

MountainMan told me it was time to get low. So we crouched and walked. I felt like Charlie Chaplain.

He pointed. It was then that I saw them!!

Majestic. This creation of God. The wind was in our favor, blowing in my face. We sat and watched for a long time. We crawled until we were under a tree and we could take it all in.

 These are the times I enjoy living in the middle of no where.

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