Monday, July 14, 2014

52 list project {{Things I long For}}

The things I long for:

real quiet time...
the Ocean
settle my soul
truth telling
the city
craftsman home with a porch
clean home for longer the 5 minutes
simple. simplify.
words. that flow
someone else to do the dishes
accountability for these walls that i am letting build again
love. on my part. to do my part.
a hole. to crawl in until october
a balance
how to work these boundaries
ache to cease
coffee with a chica. one with red hair. one with a heart of a mama. one that speaks and i am calmed. one who prays with tears. one who is hurt. one who is angry. one who could give a damn.
neighbors. fire. music.
direction. please refer back to my longing #1

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