Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday favorites {mash up}

Wowza!! We have been busy. The real estate market has heated up for the summer. We listed a house and we received an offer in 5 hours. The key to it going so quick? They listened to us. Really. They took a week and got the house ready to show. They decluttered. Depersonalized. Painted.

Are you ready to  list your house? Going to sell in the future? You might be surprised how the little details help with your value.  ~ ELLE Decor

The MountainBoys were gone all week to summer camp. My baby turned 13 while away and it's no secret, I shed a few tears that morning.

5 minutes after picking them up the oldest told me he forgot what I looked like. WHAT!? How could you forget your mother's face?

I am at a weird spot in my walk with God. A little disenchanted. Not with God. Not at all. Disenchanted with Jesus Entertainment. Finding this did NOT help. Really a bowling alley?
Disenchanted with people making Jesus a business. Just What Would Jesus Do?

Disenchanted folks. Yet, it's okay. Just working through it. Good for the soul to ask some questions and not follow blindly.

This made me laugh HARD and  think of  our friend Tim.

I really enjoyed these two posts about photoshop!! and this one about our bodies not being your masterpiece.

Before & After ~ Esther Honig

This left me rolling on the floor. I could totally see the MountainBoys doing something like this. 


This weekend I am showing some more homes. Helping some amazing people find "the one". It's good. Makes me miss having my home in the valley... *sigh*

Making a BiRtHdAy breakfast and going out for a BiRtHdAy dinner.

Hanging out at Grace Bible Sunday morning and attending a Bridal Shower that I wouldn't miss for the world!!

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