Thursday, July 17, 2014

Friday Favorites { pulling the log from my eye}

I asked for some quiet time. I got it. This week I had time to do some self evaluation. I have realized that I might be disillusioned because of some things that I have read into or not read enough.

I realized that if I want change in the church. Then I have to be the change. I have to start right where I am. Loving those around me. Haven't I had this epiphany before. Argh!! 

My Favorite Instagram of the week. Mmm.. Biscoff. 
However, before the quiet. There was distraction. Lot's of it. 

There was anxiety attacks. A few too many. I feel like I am relapsing a bit. I am in a dark hole. Holding my tongue. Trying not to write ugly things. 

There was work to be done. 

Prayers to be prayed. My heart is aching for the children and families of Central America. 

People of Facebook had me pissed at one point. Sometimes, I think that place is full of freaks. 

Working on pulling the log out of my eye before I go and get all judgey. 

I am also working on simplifying... I'll let you know how that goes.  

For your weekend viewing pleasure:

Anxiety. The story of my life. Learning to give it to God and try to control it. ~ buzzfeed

Thinking of a new tattoo. I found these interesting. ~The San Francisco Globe

Like I said, the children and families coming from Central America are breaking my heart. The response from some people have me outraged and sick. This gave me a little hope. ~ MSNBC

This house is a listing nightmare. Here's to wishing their Realtor luck! ~ The San Francisco Globe

I'm in love with this look. ~ Madamedrosa


This weekend. I am trying to hold it together while not crawling in a hole and never coming out. 

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