Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The time I let go of "Picture Perfect"

Last year we bought a new to us travel trailer. I knew when we pulled up, this would be the one that the MountainMan would take home. I liked it too. Except it had pink decor. If you have known me for very long, you will know pink is not my favorite color.  The bones were good and I love to renew old things. I was excited to take the project on. Winter came. The trailer has set and nothing has been updated

A few weeks ago we were invited to go to Moab. The prideful diva in me wanted to redo the trailer right away. I planned it out. Figured I had enough time to get it all done.

One evening while talking to the couple we would be camping with, she said some things to me that opened my eyes. Like, it's camping. It's going to get dirty. It's about making memories. I mulled over this thought for a while.

I purchased some grey fabric spray. Sprayed the pink squares. Called it good. This is huge for me. No new curtains. No new flooring. No new throw pillows. No painted walls. I called it good.

Can I tell  you how amazing it was to let go of the perfection? I wasn't grumpy because things were not how I pictured they should be. I wasn't stressed about everything being just so. I was relieved. There was room to just breathe. Relax and enjoy our time.

If I had held on to trying to make everything LOOK perfect. I would have missed out on the simple beauty all around me.

We had the most amazing time. It was perfect. Memories were made. Conversations were had. Adventure was lived.


What about you? Ever let go of your expectations and it turns out better then you could have ever planned?

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