Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Favorites {Name Them}

This time last week, I was enjoying the hot sun and a beautiful hike with some fun loving family. I started counting my gifts again. Worshiping God throughout the day. Thanking Him for His beauty. For the gift of second chances. Gifts of conversation. Gifts of silence. When Saturday night came around, I shed a few tears. Knowing that we would be headed back to reality in the morning. I wanted to stay forever. Right there. No responsibilities {except for feeding the MountainBoys}. Staring out at the incredible scenery. Wind blowing. Fire smoldering. I didn't want to come home.

Yet, Monday rolled around as it always does. I reminded myself to name my blessings. One. by. One. Isn't it funny that when you put a name on something, it has a place in your heart? We are not as apathetic.

All week I kept reminding myself. Count your blessing. Each gift. Take nothing for granted. Not the people in your life or no longer in your life. Not the food prepared. Not the cold that left you tired. Not the rain and sleet that turned to sunshine. Not being awakened by a rowdy three year old. Gifts. All of them.

Here it is Friday. I still feel rested. Feeling more content and clear minded. Thanking God for each gift. If I had chose not to NAME my gifts. They would have been forgotten. They would have been taken for granted. I would have become apathetic. They would not have been personal.
The girls taken from their families in Nigeria.  They have names. Each of them a gift to each other and their families. Each a gift to this world. Will you join me in praying over each of these girls by name this week?- Rolling Out by Yvette Caslin

After reading this and watching this. The necessity of praying for these beautiful young women was pressed on my heart ever more...

Pause would you? Pray for these girls before you move on.


My Favorite Instagrams of the week:

Youngest MountainBoy sent me this link. It blew my mind how it had my personality pinned. Except I DO FINISH THINGS... :) - Kabalarian Philosphy

This reminded me of how important encouragement is. It reminded me of Kairos. You ( now say your name) can make a difference.- The Chronicle Of Higher Education. 

Are you afraid you won't qualify for a new home in this new market? Your not alone. I hope I can encourage you to try. Home ownership... need I say more?

This made me thankful for my partner in crime and my concealed weapon's permit.

Eating this and this over the weekend. 

While obsessing about 1st world problems such as these, this and of course this


What are you up to? Will you be praying for the Nigerian girls name by name? 

Will you be naming your gifts? 

 OR maybe calling out to the ONE name that will save you? 

Tell me all about it. I would love to hear. 

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  1. I will pray for the girls by name. I have an idea to make a bookmark/tag with each girl's name and pass them out at our small group on Wednesday night, give them to strangers, and finish distributing them at church on sunday.