Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites {Good Enough}

The end of this week has got me frazzled. MountainMan left for an extended stay in the wild. That leaves me with slow internet service. No Bueno for schooling and work. We are just doing the best we can. Schooling at the Starbucks. Playing at the Park. I was hoping to  be all prepared for our big camp trip next week. Having a three year old with me has made my list shrink. We are settling with good enough this week.

In other news: KAIROS has an official location this week!!! We have girls enrolled. I am looking for media spots. 

Favorite Instagrams of the week:

For Your Weekend Reading Pleasure:

My Favorite Healthy Treat ~ Rachel Schultz

I am looking forward to going to this party in the next couple of weeks. I am already pinning some beautiful jewelry ~ StarFish Project

Someone find this woman and take her out for coffee. I think she needs some grown up time. ~ Huffington Post {parents section}

Thinking if I find some time this weekend I might make a few of these for the trailer~ Refresh Restyle

Cleaning out the camp trailer. Writing lists of what needs to get done before we leave on our big camp trip next week. What are you up to?

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