Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Obsessions {52 List Project}


What does it say about what's going on around here {in my head}, when I am writing run on sentences and making list's? FEAR. That's what. Fear is NOT love. Which is exactly what I have been obsessing about lately. LOVE. Just what does it mean? How do I act this out in my life? What will God say when I stand before Him? So here it goes. My crazy in list format. {Trying to tuck it in Ruth, I really am}

God's LOVE {What does that mean?}
LOVE {how do I do it well?}
Kairos {Girls signing up and landlord's bringing me down}
Real Estate. Nuff said
MountainMan and his incredible beard. The way his new obsession {cigars}takes us on a nightly
Exercising and diet. I really don't want diabetes.
Helping women, Helping children. Helping men. HOW? Now that I know, what do I do with it? God, help me do something with what I know. Don't let me know anything more until I can do something with this stuff in my heart. Move my feet. {Did I really just pray that?}
Blogging. Wish I did more. Wish I was better.
Africa. I want to be there. Right now!
This "secret" God laid on my heart. I am petrified to mutter it out loud. That's why it's a secret. You know what they say, you are only as sick as your secrets. Praying this whisper that was laid on my heart may just fade away. For now. {Excuse me as I throw up and ugly cry at the same time}
New friends. New relationships.
Ruth. Tim. The girls.
Children, getting ready to go home to their families really soon.
Dizziness. Please stop spinning.
Homeschooling... teenagers
Lemon cookies
Mud. Dirt. Dust. Calgon take me away....
Books... not finished on my night stand. Setting in my Kindle. I can't eat any more knowledge at this point.
Reconciliation. Boundaries.
First world problems, I know. How can I be so shallow?

What about you? Do you obsess? What about? Please share...

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