Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Plot Twist.{This one is a nail biter}

I remember not so long ago, I told God I was ready for this roller coaster. As long as He sustained me through the up's and the down's, I trusted Him. Today was such a ride. I hate to admit that at one point today, I doubted my Creator. How could I ever doubt the One who threw the stars into place, spoke and made light out of a vast darkness. WHO separated sky from water. The ONE who holds me. HE holds Kairos as well.

We are 48 hours away from the deadline.

 Today seemed bleak. The one we had our hopes on; the landlord said he didn't want us as tenant's. Realizing we may have only one option left, and it was not ideal. We said let's go for it.

BAM!! Plot Twist. Surprise. The other "one" we had our heart sat on miraculously became available.

This one's a nail biter friends.

Anyway who was I a kidding ... did I forget? I serve a wild GOD.

I appreciate all of your prayers and encouragement.


  1. LOVE it! That's when we KNOW it's His work and not our own!!! God gets ALL the glory <3