Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why I do this {The Wash List}

I sat in the passenger seat of the MountainMan's truck. My jaw aching from the grinding of my teeth all day. The "other" Realtor called to see how Karios was feeling about the counter offer. He could sense I was a bit uptight. Then he asks with disapproval "Why are you doing this? Will it be worth it in the end? Just be honest are you trying to earn points in heaven?" Mr Realtor and I have a respectable working relationship. I don't expect him to see where I am coming from. Yet, this offended me. As with most things that offend me, I have to obsess about it all day think through them. The questions grounded me and reminded me of why I am doing this.

I do this because: At very pivotal times in my life, people stood beside me and told me they believed in me. They changed my life. I do this because while still captured in my ugliness, HE thought of me and rescued me. Because I have been loved I want to love. That's why I do it.

These girls need to know that life does not end because you have a baby. These girls need to know that they can do it and we believe in them. These babies need Momma's that are strong, educated and loved. They need to know that they can change the future, break chains, leave a legacy.


Later, after hearing the news that the offer was moving forward and that our case worker had accepted our paper work; I found myself staring off into nothing thinking about those that loved me so well.

Beth Moore mentions in her book To Live Is Christ  a "Wash List". These are people that Beth would wash their feet in heaven because of the way they had touched her life.

I have started a "Wash List". When time permits and my heart let's me. I am going to start sharing who these people, that have touched my life are. I hope I do them justice.


Who has touched your life in such a way that you were never the same?

I am linking up with Holly Gerth today. Lot's of ladies over there talking about people who have inspired them. If you have a blog I encourage you to link up to. 

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  1. LOVE this Misty! I need to think about my "wash list"...thanks for sharing!