Thursday, February 13, 2014

Friday Favorites {Kairos / Feel the LOVE Edition}

This week has been full of Kairos. On Tuesday we got the news that we had 10 days to find Kairos a building. We knew time was ticking away but we had no idea this would be our deadline. We asked for urgent prayer and fasting yesterday and today. I kept reminding myself what a good friend told me a while ago "God is never late, He is never early, He is ALWAYS on time." 

Today we went out to see a few buildings we were considering. The Realtor suggested we take a look at this "other" building. ACK!! This might be THE ONE peeps!! I did a happy dance in the parking lot. Please continue to pray as we enter negotiations. This building is so perfect, it could only be a gift from God. 

I don't think my words can express how many buildings we have looked at, made offers on and each time it didn't pan out. Still every building we considered did not compare to this one. If we get it I will go into more detail about how this property is so perfect. Crazy. unusual. answered. prayer!! 

We can't forget this weekend!! We celebrate LOVE. I challenge you to love the difficult this weekend. Squeeze that child. Make that phone call. Tell them you love them. Say your sorry. I plan on it.

I also plan on an incredible meal with some friends we have missed so much. AND this is so exciting... MountainBoys are going on an all weekend Youth Retreat. Say What? I know. Well actually I don't know; what we will do with ourselves. It's going to be so quiet and clean around here.

On your down time you might want to take a look at these sweet morsels:

That's all I have this week folks. Don't forget ... Please keep praying for Kairos. God is alive and fiercely moving here in Utah. 

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