Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Can I ask you for a favor? {Fasting and Prayer for Kairos}

I got news yesterday that we have 10 days to find a building!!! Ack!! I already threw up in my mouth at the news. Now I know that if it is God's will he will find us a building. It will happen. I mean if God made the earth in 7 days he can find us a building!


I am asking you fellow readers to do me a favor. I am presenting my requests to the Lord. With fasting, prayers, petitioning and thanksgiving. Will you do the same on our behalf?

On Wednesday (2/12)and/or Thursday (2/13) we are asking you to fast and pray with us. You can fast from food, TV, Facebook, etc... anything that will draw you back to praying for our school.

Below are specific prayer requests for Kairos. Feel free to pass these along to anyone who wants to be involved.

Prayer Requests for Kairos Academy (February)
Building- We have a very final deadline of February 21st to have plans for a building. We are in the process of putting in another ‘Letter of Intent’ on a building with a landlord that has been back and forth a lot. Please pray that this would be the building for us and that the landlord would make all the needed renovations, or that God would quickly show us another one that we need to be in. Pray for me {Misty} as I take care of all the building logistics and headaches.
Our Board Members- Each of our board members has their own families, jobs, obligations, etc. Please pray for time and efficiency to get the things done that need to get done for our school. Pray that God would shine through us as we share the love of God with our community.
Enrollment- We will be opening enrollment for our 2014-15 school year in March. Please pray that we would be able to hit the key places in the community that teen moms visit and that they would enroll. We are hoping to get 200 students. We will also be attending some key events in the community that would bring in students and also donations of money to help fund our programs.
Daycare- We are at the beginning of the process for getting our daycare license. Please pray that God would help us get everything done in a timely matter, and that the process would go smoothly and without any problems.  Pray for money to be provided to fund our daycare.
You can check out our website and pass it along: kairosacademy.org

Thank you and I love you all!!

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