Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Oh. so. Random. {just trying to get some sleep}

I have not written in a while. So, much on my mind. I figured if I wrote it out maybe I could get some sleep tonight.

  • Kairos Academy!! IS ON MY MIND. We need a building. I am not sure why this is proving to be so difficult. We have made great strides on lots of different levels. We need a location. location. location. PEOPLE. Do you know what I am sayin?This keeps me up at night. A few weeks ago at church {Lifeline} the Pastor asked us "what do you NEED from God?" This is what I need. I obviously can not do this on my own. Or can any other Realtor at this point. I need God to provide. Will you pray with me for this?

  • I am overjoyed MountainMan is home from New York. Funny how things just run better with him around. Glad to say I found my soul mate. He is also incredibly smart. We have gone two days with out power. MountainMan comes homes. Takes a look at the solar and generator. Finds the problem and fixes it!! He is a complete BadAss!!

    • Isn't she gorgeous?
      • I wish my name was something cool like Gunn. Wouldn't that be the bees knees? I found this name while searching for hair that is silver. I am starting to go gray and I really don't want to be the woman that has major gray regrowth. Having to touch up every week. I want to grow old gracefully. I let it grow for about three months and I couldn't do it. I panicked. What if people no longer mistake me for 30 and think I am 50? What if the old man in the super market thinks I robbed the cradle when I married MountainMan? What if I get funny looks when I am buying not so mom jeans at the latest. coolest. boutique? Oh first world problems how you keep me up at night. Come on people I need some support.
      • Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death has me a little rattled. This could easily be a number of people I so dearly love. right. now. 
      • I started two series on my blog. Coffee for your Heart. and a 52 List. I have not had time to really set down and pour my heart out. A little stuck... on Kairos :) I wanna get back to writing more often. 
      • Excited for the weekend. I am trying to roll a bunch of important things into one day. I just found out that there is a NoonDay Ambassador in Utah!! say WHAT? I really want to go. I just have to make it work out. If I can't. Then I am ordering out of the catalog. Because I have my heart sat on
       this. this. and this.

      Besides who wouldn't want to buy supper cute sandals. jewelry. home decor.While helping out fellow women of the world? AND helping a family adopt. Sign me up!!

      • I am ready for some reconciliation. When I die I want to be known for loving others well. This really can't be done unless I make amends and say I am sorry. Working on the right words and the right boundaries. You know I am an all or nothing kind of gal. I don't want to give my whole heart way.
      • Speaking of all or nothing. I think my cognitive therapy is starting to work. I have learned how this all or nothing mentality can be detrimental. 
      • Business is slow. I am not gonna lie. That freaks me out a little. Time to get working hard again. 
      • I am desperately missing my bestie. Someone want to pay for 4 flights to Ghana? She would normally be the one I talked all this out with. She would remind me there are bigger problems and that we serve even a BIGGER God. His timing is perfect. Then we would pray hard for Kairos. I find comfort in knowing she is praying for us and me, even though she is half a world a way.
      • For now I am going to go make this for the third time this week. Low fat and delicious dessert. 

      That's all for now. Sleep well friends.


      1. Oooh! I haven't seen any other mentions of 52 list besides your blog - where can I read more? :) Don't you love her hair!? It's what I hope to have eventually. I'm in my 30s and not very gray yet, but I know it's coming. I can still pluck for now. ;) I'll be praying for a building and for more business. That must be so stressful! Hoping your week gets better!

      2. Thanks Ginger. I love her hair. Women go gray so early in my family. I think I have been covering them up since I was 25. Thank you for the prayers. I am really excited for the endeavor with Kairos. We just need a building to make it all happen :) The 52 list was found here I updated it in my links in the post. It's an old link up. It's closed now. I really liked the idea.

      3. I am soooo with you on the gray hair! I still color my hair every 4 weeks or so. I'm actually a licensed stylist, (just not working in a salon) so I cut and color my own hair. I wish I wasn't so vain because I would leave it...but right now I'm still desperately fighting (not gracefully) growing old! I love the picture you posted and yes she is beautiful, but like you if I allowed my hair to look like that people would definetely think my husband was my son...he's 8 years younger than me!
        ~sigh~ I guess for now the dark hair stays...btw- I love "not so mom jeans" too :)
        As I read that you were out of power for days and your "MountainMan" was not home I gained a deep respect and awe for you! Our power goes out and I'm immediately in panic mode! (and my husband is usually home!)
        Praying in agreement with Ginger for your building and business and for you in general :)

      4. Funny, I am a licensed stylist too! I don't work in a salon either. AND I color my own hair {I am just lazy} Almost two years ago my family made a huge lifestyle change. We moved to the middle of now where on the family property. We live off the grid. Thankfully we live with his parents. So, I was not all alone while he was gone. We would have little bouts of power. This move has changed me in more ways then I can count. One being patience and humility.
        I loved the story about your son. I really think we should have coffee one day.

        1. Wow! I think we have a lot in common, we too live on family land, actually we own 4 acres and my mother and father in law live next door and own a few hundred acres. We don't live in the middle of nowhere but most people I meet don't know where our little village's very small!
          I've learned a lot of patience and humility over the last few years too!
          I would love to sit down with you for coffee, I sure hope it can happen someday :) Not sure if you ever attend any conferences but my company will probably be sending me to Allume again this year. It's in South Carolina in October. It's a bloggers conference and they have incredible authors/speakers!

      5. Ahhh! I have been meaning to reply back. I have heard of Allume... maybe I will go this year. Thank you for all of your support Lanette

        1. That would be great! Are you on facebook? If so, here's my link!/lanette.haskins
          If not, here's my email
          Would love to stay connected, reach out anytime! Sometimes I miss your replies because I can't remember what I've commented on and I don't get automated I just check ever so often, when I think of it :)

        2. Hey Lanette, I am on FaceBook. I am at