Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You're Loved {Coffee For Your Heart}

You're Loved. That's all she had to say. I sit in the kitchen window, with my tin hat on trying to get reception, silently ugly crying {I promise it's possible}.

I miss this girl more then she will ever know. Living out in the middle of nowhere has really taken a toll on me mentally. spiritually. emotionally. Yet, these people God has placed in my life pour into me. They are HIS hands. HIS feet. HIS voice. HIS body.

We laugh about our "diet's". Talk about anxiety and doctors and just what is the right pill and just what isn't the right pill. We promise to see each other on Wednesday 10:30 for coffee. My heart leaps a little. Our coffee dates are always filling.

Before I leave our coffee date, she prays for me. The word's are so perfect it could only be the Holy Spirit.

It whispers into my soul again. You are loved.

She calls me from a distant land to see how I am doing. Have I heard from lobster? The phone call costs on average $80. I get off the phone praying for her and her family. For the children that will be set free.She reminds me You're Loved. I miss her. She is HIS hands. She is HIS feet. She is HIS voice. She is HIS body.

She texts me asking how I am. She doesn't want to hear the shallow "I am fine". She wants to know my heart. Our conversation is a reminder that we share a common heart break. Addiction, that runs deep in the family. We end the conversation with confirmation that I am always family no matter how far away I may wander. She reminds me of HIS hands. She reminds me of HIS feet. She reminds me of HIS voice. She is HIS body.

They write. They comment. They email. They text. They share encouragement. They share their hurt. They are HIS hands. They are HIS feet. They are HIS voice. They are HIS body.

Community. A gift from God. To show us tangibly that You. Are. LOVED.


Do you embrace the community God has placed around you? When asked how you are doing , are you honest? OR do you give the PC "I am fine"? I challenge you this week to give a little bit of your heart and dare to see that YOU ARE LOVED!!

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  1. Followed you over here from Holley's link up. Beautiful post. I am working on being more vulnerable and honest concerning my feelings this year. Blessings!

    1. Barbie, thank you for reading. Vulnerability can be so scary sometimes. Especially if we have been rejected or betrayed. Praying that you find that special friend this year that you can open up and be vulnerable with. ~Misty

  2. Aww...Your post made me tear up and think of my dearest friends that live far away. Kindred spirits like those may only come along once in a lifetime...they are such special gifts. Thank you so much for sharing! Loved seeing you again in Holley's link up - isn't it a wonderful encouragement? :) *hugs*

    1. Hey Ginger!! Thanks for reading. I am really enjoying Holley's link up. Crazy how technology has made it easier to stay in touch with our loved ones and meet new ones.

  3. I would love to meet you for coffee :)
    We're doing Beth Moore's bible study on Revelation right now and last night in the dvd she talked about the apostle John and how in his isolation (on the island of Patmos) when no one was around and he was all alone, he was in the spirit and worshipped like he wasn't alone at all...
    I'm not sure about you but I sure love me some good worship music! There's something about worshipping, surrendering it all to God, and just loving and honoring Him that lifts my spirit like nothing else.
    I've been listening to Jesus Culture, Kim Walker Smith for weeks now and I love it! The words draw me near to God.
    Praying for you Misty, that even in those times of isolation you are filled with the Holy Spirit and realize that you're never alone!
    So glad to have connected through Holley's link up <3

    1. I would take you up on that coffee! Thank you for the encouragement. I have been practicing worship these last few days thanks to your comment. I really liked Kim Walker Smith, she reminded me a little bit of Brooke Fraser.

    2. Not sure why but you were on my heart today :) Hope you're doing well and feeling the Lord's presence near.
      This life can be so tough, I'm not sure how anyone does it without Jesus :)
      Praying for you....

  4. Aww... Lanette. Thank you so much. I needed that. I have been incredibly busy with a Teen Pregnancy Charter School I am involved with. So, I have not been able to blog. I was bummed I missed the Coffee For Your Heart this week. Your post this week was spot on.

  5. As a post abortive woman (I was 16) I have a heart for pregnant teens and post abortive women. I'm actually wrting "my story" and sending to a ministry that Jennie Allen (author of RESTLESS) told me about called BRAVELOVE. I'm not sure if they'll use it but we'll see. I'm sure God will use it somewhere :)
    I looked for your post this week, missed you but glad you we're busy with such important work!
    Thanks for the encouragement!