Saturday, January 18, 2014

Things You Should Be Proud Of {52 List Project}

Week Three//Things You Should Be Proud Of

I have owned four businesses with the MountainMan. AND we still like each other :)
I have my Real Estate Brokers License
I am self determined
I am friendly and open with people I meet.
I don't give up easy.
I try to always be a person of my word. Although I have failed a couple of times {Sorry Uncle Berry.}
I take responsibility for my failures. I am always striving to be better. I look at failures as a lesson learned.
I explore. Whether it is a hike to the unknown, a move to a mountain, Doula classes, or a new book. I am up for adventure. If I only had 50% chance of succeeding I will take it.
I still have a healthy vibrant marriage after 16 years.
I have learned that there is not always a next time. I am learning to seize the moment. Forgive. Have that conversation. Tell them you love them. Smile.
I have two well rounded MountainBoys. I love their compassion. Their handiness. Their determination. Their work ethic. Their sense of humors. {}
I am helping a team of BIG hearted people start a school for teen Momma's!! {This building is tough stuff and I haven't given up}

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