Wednesday, December 4, 2013


You know it's going to be "a day" when you start out rubbing acne medicine all over your eyelid.Ouch!!!

Things like this happen when I am not in the present. When I wake up with too much on my mind.

Things like. " I need to find a building for this school" {any philanthropist out there that wants to donate a large sum of money for a school for teen mother's} " How am I going to shower with out power?"  "What am I doing, does it count?" "I miss her. I miss him" " "What is she up to?" "Why hasn't she called me?" " Do I have everything I need to start this day?" " How many day's until Christmas?" "What is today?" "Where is my to do list?"
 I know you all wake up with the same sorts of thoughts. So, much on our minds. Especially around the holidays.

These are the times I get stuck. I wish it was in the now. It's in the past and in the future. Then the dark settles in. The anxiety.

My soul is craving a selah. I need to just hang for a bit. I need to lift my God in praise. I need to take a breath. Repent. I need to give thanks for HIS love. abundance. sustenance. I need to kneel down. Lie flat. Stop. Pause. and think about that.

I find it hard. I want to move on. Shift forward. Go. {it's my word for 2014}. 

For now I need to pause. I am not sure how.

Too much on your plate? Need a pause? How do you do it? What goes and what stays? Where and How do you find time to rest? Is it really rest I am seeking?

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