Sunday, November 17, 2013

That which gives value to survival {Friendship}

Bon Voyage to my sister who...

1. Is headed on a jet plane to Africa in less then 24 hours
2. Puts Martha Stewart to shame
3. Reminds me to be intentional with my time
4. Has been my prayer partner for close to 4 years now
5. Opened my eyes to the hurting world around us
6. Gets my crazy and reminds me to tuck it back in
7. Is a lover of turquoise almost as much as me
8. Can do a messy bun way better then anyone I can think of
9. Not only prays for the oppressed but steps out in faith helping anyone in need
10.Is a doer of the Word. 
11.Hospitable to no ends
12.Can shoot, gut and cook up a deer better then most guys 
14.Believes in people and mankind
15.Is a knitting Queen
16.The go to girl for recipes that will wow anyone
17.Has a heart and compassion for everyone she meets
18.Chicken butcher
19.Sarcastic to boot

We are going to miss you Weber's. Know that you have touched our lives. 

God, Father. Go before the Weber's. Keep them safe. Protect their health. Keep their relationship strong, remind them that they are special to one another. God, grant them time to spend with you. Hide your Word in their heart. We pray you touch other's hearts to want to give and support Mercy Project. We ask that the Weber's and Askin's will be like minded.Lord open doors, give them boldness. Comfort them when they are homesick remind them they are in your care.Let them take it all in and find time to rest. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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