Saturday, October 19, 2013

It Is Well...

The Mountain boys stayed up  most of the night on Wednesday. They tended to their lizard. We woke up early on Thursday and took Spike into the vet for surgery. Before the surgery could happen Spike passed away.

 I had to tell the boys. They wept. All day I kept getting the question. "Why does God take away things we love? I had no answer for them. How do you answer your children about life and death?

It was heart wrenching to watch their hearts break. I wanted to take it away from them. I asked God as well "Why did you have to take this from my boys? Have they not had enough pain lately?" I know it seems like such a childish question. May be these are the questions we ask when we are fatigued. Malnourished. When we have stopped fighting the good fight. When we have let up. We slow down. When we let our guard down. Satan steps in and makes us forget.

Here is the good I took out of this. This loss made my boys question their faith. It made them question the God they say they love. It made them search for answers instead of relying on me or Jeff. They turned to HIM for answers. It made them turn to themselves for answers. We have talked about how with time our hearts will heal. That we can use these things that happen to us for God's Kingdom or we can use these things to make us bitter. Angry. Depressed. How somethings in life we may never understand. 

They saw God through their own eyes. Today it is well. 

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