Thursday, December 27, 2012


The hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, the year is winding to an end and I have not posted in quite sometime ....I thought it would be the perfect time for a "Currently" post.  This is just a quick snapshot of what has been going on around here and just where my heart is. 

Currently here in the mountains. That's not to say everything is kumbyah around here all of the time. It is nice to be out of the city. It's quiet and easy going. The perfect place to think and heal. There have been days that are  joyful, restful, stressful, busy or just plain stretching me until I don't think I can stretch anymore. 

Currently reading...Beth Moore, So Long, Insecurity. I am doing this in a group that I co-lead.  I love these ladies. God put us together, that's a fact. I am also reading Peacemaker by Ken Sande. It's good... I need some help in this department, if I am being totally honest here. I seem to fall on the side of  peace-breaking  vs peace-faking. I want to land right in the middle, peacemaker!! Letting God do a work on this heart. 

Currently waiting for... A sweet baby to come home from the DR Congo.   Our incredible friends have been waiting for what seems to be "FOREVER" for this sweet child. She leaves this Saturday  by HERSELF to get him from the orphanage!!!!! She is so brave. I am waiting for her return, waiting to see she is home safe and waiting to squeeze their beautiful cheeky boy!  

Currently excited about...the snow!! We are planning a sledding track down the mountain. 

Currently favorite neighbor. I miss her SO MUCH!! Christmas eve was not the same without delivering treats. She currently has a hurt knee and I am not even there to bring her family a meal. I miss just running over to borrow a cup of sugar and staying for an hour long chit chat.  I miss her children running around in my house. I miss her!!

Missing Dad too!! A recent breakfast at a truck stop brought me to tears. The poor waitress didn't know what to think, as she was trying to decipher what I was ordering between my ugly sobs. Thankfully, my Denver omelette turned out just fine. 

Currently get back on a schedule. Nuff said

Currently working at...trusting, resting, forgiving, healing... and being a better mother

Currently enjoying...lots of long drives with the Mountainman. That's my new name for L.O.V.E. We have a long commute in to town. We use this time to pray, to talk, to dream, to listen, to be quiet. It's good sweet time

Currently using...lots of gas to show lots of homes.

Currently and jeans. They are my favorite. I am most comfortable in a pair of jeans with a great pair of boots. The MountainBoys bought me a pair of western style ankle boots for Christmas, I am trying to figure out how to wear them. These kids never cease to amaze me

Currently planning...2013. Starting a goal list. Let's see where God takes us this year.

Currently singing... Christmas tunes. Can't get them out of head.

Currently needing... some time to gather my thoughts.

Currently learning... to hunt and shoot a gun. I am not kidding. Mountainman got me a gun for Christmas. Learning to love 4x4 and getting stuck in the mud.

Currently listening to...the soft snore of Doja. The fire crackling. The MountainBoys opening the toys from Christmas.  

Currently wishing...  A new car with better gas mileage would magically appear.

Currently doing...year end financials. Ack!! 

Currently praying for... my attitude. For forgiveness in this one area of my life that I don't seem to give over to God. I give it... then I take it back. I feel like there is victory... then I choose to step back into the pit. 

Currently dreaming of...A trip. Somewhere warm. Even though we just got back from a spontaneous trip to Lava Hot Springs. It was good for us to get a way for  a night. We laughed. We ate at our favorite diner in town. We relaxed. We stopped at our favorite store at the far end of Utah; Smith & Edwards. Where I lost and then found the mountainboys; in deep conversation leaning over the gun cabinet. 

What are you currently up to?


  1. I too am missing my favorite neighbor! Christmas definitely wasn't the same without you all next door. We need to come visit again and test out that sledding track. It's never to late for Christmas treats even if I bring you some in January right? Love you guys! xo

  2. PS I love all your pictures. Those boys- such characters!

  3. I will take Christmas treats anytime of year... Plans today? You should come up sledding. I promise to wrap your knee really tight and make you a fire and virgin Dulce La Leche's... complete with vegetarian hot dogs. I just have to run to the store :)