Monday, October 15, 2012

hello monday {captured thoughts}

This past week I have this "lesson" of sorts that keeps popping up. You are what you think about. Your words have power. You may remember this post, were I try to control the drunk monkey. Well, I am back at it. Harnessing the power of my thoughts. Not in the "secret' sort of way. If I am just relying on me for the change, I will be back to my old ways in no time. It has to come from the heart. Has to be lead by the Spirit. This week I am praying for that heart change. I am praying my tongue is tamed. That my words are used for encouragement and not for harm. I am choosing to believe the truth and not the lies that are constantly whispered in my ear. This week I say Hello to gratitude instead of grumbling.

Hello new possibilities. Hello goal setting. 

Hello two more loads and we are ALL moved out.

Hello cold days.

Hello special gift. What shall I do with you? Oh the possibilities.

Hello crisp starry nights. Hello night 4x4 ing.

Hello to exercising again. I have a 5k I am training for.

Hello to good friends. Hello to supportive family. Hello I still  miss you everyday but I know you would want me to live and not wallow.

Hello gates opening. 

Hello life is good. 

Hello I am well organized efficient and effective. 

Hello we've got this homeschooling thing. 

Hello schedule. 

Hello everything is put away. 

Hello new listings. Hello undercontract. Hello new offers. Hello to finding "the one".

Hello some movement on that short sale.

Hello I am the professional.

Hello CE classes.

Hello SOLD!! 

Hello to your new chapter. You have been an amazing client. A wonderful inspiration. Full of grace. I thank God we crossed paths. 

Hello and thank you for the referral.

Hello to lunch with a dear friend. We do not see each other enough.

What are you saying hello to this week?

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