Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shut Up Drunk Monkey (controlling negative self talk)

Drunk Monkey, that's what I call her. That voice in my head that starts Monday morning 6:30 AM.

evil monkey from movie

The dialogue goes something like this.
Me: "Good morning Misty"

Drunk Monkey: "Good morning? What's so great about it? It's still dark out. Just shut the alarm off and go back to bed. The kids would love to sleep in this morning and it won't matter if they miss a day from school. This will let you stay home and waste time watch movies and eat chocolate!! Doesn't that sound delishhhh? Those goals don't need to be reached anyway. Besides you're not that great  and you really don't make a difference to anyone. The market is crashing, what's the use. Your weak and disorganized. Go back to bed."

Me: " No, no. The Boy's have to go to school, and I have goals to reach and people to meet. Because I have everything I need, money flows to me like an unending river. We have a fantastic future ahead of us. I am poised for success. My cheese has moved and I moved with it. Besides I AM well organized efficient and effective. I am strong, I am fearless. Go back to bed monkey!! Today is my day, today I shine."

Yeah, sometimes it goes that way... other days she wins and I go back to bed. Only to wake up awnry and  then I am just a piece of sandpaper, rubbing everyone the wrong way. That day of doing NOTHING turns into an all out slug fest with that monkey. She never shuts up!

For the last couple of years we have made it a habit to start our day with affirmations, you know positive self talk. Yes, WE! I have a CD I got for a gift a few years back. I believe it is from the Tom Ferry organization. It's positive affirmations set to catchy dance music. You may think it's silly but it works. AND the punks really dig it!

So how can you change your self talk and really start to accomplish the things you know you were meant to achieve? It's easy!! There are just a few guidelines:

1.They have to be specific.

2. They have to be in the present tense.

3. They have to be positive.

4. You have to believe it or say it and imagine yourself doing, seeing and feeling  the affirmation enough that you believe it.

5. Write them out and repeat them often through out the day.

Here is my example from today.

I am strong. I am fearless. I am well organized efficient and effective. I have everything I need. I eat to support my health.

I challenge you to do this for the next 7 days. Let me know how it goes. I am curious. I know you you have what it takes to be the best. I believe in you,even if you don't believe in yourself YET.

One comes to believe whatever one repeats to oneself sufficiently often, whether the statement be true of false. It comes to be dominating thought in one's mind.Robert Collier

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