Thursday, June 21, 2012


June has proved to be crazy busy!! Last weekend LOVE and I participated in the Ragnar Relay Race. Ever heard of it? Ever participated in one? If so, would you do it again?

Starting Line

If not, let me explain.  First you get 12 crazy people who like to run, plus 2 drivers. Hopefully you like them to. Because you will spend the next 36 hours in tight quarters, with lack of sleep and a digestive system that is asking what you have done to it.You split them up into two vans, 6 runners each. You run. You drive. You try to get some sleep. Then you do it all over again. Leap frogging each van. Until you reach the finish line 200 miles later. Sound fun? I bet you could find one near you. Although started in Utah, they now hold these events all over the country. 
Photo courtesy Mindy Jackson
Our Ragnar Tattoos

Photo courtesy Dan & Liza Bardolph

Team MUST DASH. Hence the big 'Stache on the window. We wore fake mustaches for part of our first run. It was sweaty and  hard to breath with them on. I actually got mistaken for a guy!! NICE.

Dan improvised and creatively made his own 'stache. BTW I must mention Dan helped us out in a HUGE way by volunteering to drive for us last minute!! THANK YOU Dan!

LOVE grew out his own mind blowing 'stache

This was my third year running the race. Last year I road quite nicely in a 1980's StarCraft. This year we BOUGHT our own. I know right? I won't go into the details of  just what it took to get the thing registered. Moving on. It was perfect. Lot's of leg room.

Miss Karissa to the left. Helped out in a colossal way as well. She jumped in and rocked the uphill climb. We lost a runner two days prior due to a pulled hamstring. We missed you Jenny!!

 Yes!! Those are working running lights

Van to the left, stunning Must Dashers to the right.

2 hours (maybe) of sleep later. thank you van2 for letting us know PB had just left ;).

560 honeybuckets. 1001 cowbell rings, airhorns and Doin Good, Doin Good bull horned out the window. We made it to the finish line. Happy Boys or girls. Whichever way you saw it. Thank you Team Must Dash for leaning like a Cholo all the way there with  me. (I had to Sue it just wouldn't have been the same). 

Thanks to Jennifer Hurlbutt our last Dash was dedicated to the men and women of Our Church who have been battling Cancer. We wore pink mustaches! 

We were sad not to have stood at the finish line with Van2 but after 33 hours of Run. Sun. Heat and swollen joints we headed home. Thank you Van2 for finishing strong. Sacrificing knees and pulled hamstrings to get us to the end! You rocked!!

Question is. Will I do it again? Or will I pass the slap bracelet? Next year is the 10 year anniversary! BUT at 2 AM I swore to myself that I had enough Ragnar experience to be good for a life time. LOVE said he would do it again. I guess as only time will tell... Maybe Liza you were right. 

Thanks again Team Must Dash : Jeff, Mindy, Liza, Dan, Karissa, Carmen, Brian, Jenn, Bryan, Jenn, Aaron, Josh, and Julio. It was an honor to be your captain!

LINDA, RUTHIE AND TIM!! Your early morning and late night shifts allowed us to run. Thank you, thank you!!

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