Thursday, June 28, 2012

Don't Box Me In

Tuesday I was scrolling through some of my favorite blogs; when I ran across THIS post. Of course, I had a flood of emotions and thoughts while reading it. I thought about how independent I try to be. Then I tried to get myself back on track, because these days I have more to do then I have time for. I went about it with a angry joyful attitude (more on that later). Then a little voice whispered. Why do you try to do all these things on your own?
So, I finally said "FINE. you want to help me? Bring me some boxes. Because I am not really sure I want to move anymore. In fact I am 100% sure I don't. AND if you will just bring me some boxes then I will know I am suppose to be moving."

 Why? Why do I put HIM in such small boxes?

Now I know I have been a believer long enough to know that God is not a genie. That I am not suppose to be always asking for signs or looking back. I am suppose to move forward with confidence. BUT this is hard y'all (yes this is the Ranch coming out in me... or the small town girl coming back out. Hey, anyone out there go to elementary school with me? Remember when I first moved to the BIG city and a you all made fun of how I talked. Like when I wanted to say socks I said sots? Just asking, because even though those teachers put  me in speech; I still do not pronounce the ck  correctly at the end of a word.)

 I digress, because that's what I do when I don't want to face the hard things. Ask my Metochoi girls.

 Any who! I asked for a sign in the form of boxes... Can you imagine what I got that very day? YES. Loads of boxes. With more to come from a very kind stranger. Who by the way met me at the dump (Do not EVER go on the dumps property to exchange stuff. They call it scavenging. Once you are on government property, what you bring is theirs. Don't ask me how I know)

There you have it! Another answered prayer. I serve a GOD that is good. Very good.

How about you? Answered prayers lately? I would love to hear about them.

This is the oldest PUNK in the back of the vehicle with all of the botses. I mean boxes.

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