Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feening in a different way

Feening: - to want something badly, to have a craving.

It's usually what a junkie does. One day I might explain how I know that all to well. For now I want you to know that I have a different feen. A feen for The WORD and a feen for God, a feen for hearing HIM E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.!! A feen for HIS will in my life WHERE EVER it might take me. 

I promised an update to what has been going on. Not sure I can put it all in one post. I do want to share a few things and maybe one day I can put it all down in words. For now we will start right here, right where I am at. In the quiet. Listening for God. Listening to God. 

 God has REALLY been working on me for a while now. A few years ago a wonderful discipler (is that the right Christianese terminology?) told me to "Stop Bucking God". I had not really realized until that point just how disobedient I was (and still am at times). From that point on I asked God to search my heart, to show me when I am in complete and utter disobedience. Wow, how my world was rocked. I wish I would have kept a better journal, but lets just say for the last 3 years give or take my HEART has been COMPLETELY changed. Lately, even more. I am NOT the same person I was 3 years ago, 2 years ago or even last month. I am so grateful that HE did not leave me in my pit of slime, of mud and mire;he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. Psalm 40:2. 

With my change comes change with my blog. I will be changing it's name; I no longer feen for real estate. I just doesn't fit me any more. Don't get me wrong. I still love me some real estate. I still really enjoy working with people; helping obtain their home. I love home improvement. I love making memories. BUT I have found that I really have a passion for what God is doing. I will be changing the about me page.... cause well. There is more to me now. I hope you all stick around. & When I can make a little more sense of my thoughts I will write it all down.

For now I am still getting rid of stuff. I am praying. I am reading. I am MARVELING. I am listening. I am organizing. I am being intentional.  Today I let go. Because for a while now I have been holding on with my finger nails; and well today God repeated "let go, I will catch you" So, here I go. Let's see where I fall.

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