Wednesday, February 22, 2012

RUN to your nearest TARGET!! Updated!!

(FYI you know if you don't like my choice of music you can always scroll down and put a PAUSE on the playlist. otherwise just set back and listen. the current song is on my running playlist.)

I know, I know!! I have been MIA. Lots. going. on.  people. LOTS! I promise to explain later.  But for now you have to run to your nearest Target and get yourself a $2.50 Boot Tray. Then RUN to your nearest dollar store and pick yourself up a couple bags of rocks!! I promise you will thank me. It will totally complete your entry... I know it did mine. 

I have seriously been swooning over the picture below for; I am not sure how long now. I think it's the mixture of the leopard print coat and the fancy 410 or 12 gauge setting in the corner. ( I assure you the littlest punk and I had a very extensive conversation on just what we thought that gun might be) 

It just seems to be the perfect picture of my life.  

Here are a few more examples,just in case I need to convince you to get your run in today. By the way I have been doing a lot of that lately... I digress. Or maybe just in mind. I see there are not as nearly as many words on the screen as I thought I had typed. I am telling you... A LOT going on. 

Well, what are you doing? Get running to Target before they are all gone. I know that dollar section goes fast. Just don't let this happen to you.

Now if I could only find $2.50 Hunter leopard print boots.... I found some nice leopard print rain boots at Wal-Mart!! Woot Woot!

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