Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tickled PINK!!

Without a doubt, surprises are the best part of being alive. I LOVE to be surprised. I LOVE to surprise. The look on your face, the feeling in your tummy. A reminder that you are not forgotten. Someone thought of you enough to meticulously plan and keep hidden until just the right time. It is the perfect timing that gets me. HE always has perfect timing.  "Rarely early, Never late, just always on time"-Rachel Homer .

This is what I must remember during this waiting time. His words "be still and know that I am God." While I am waiting; God just keeps loving on me. Surprising me. Saying things like "you silly girl, don't go making plans in stone.Because I have plans for you. Don't fret, don't worry. They may look ugly today. I promise they are to prosper you and not harm you. Give pink a chance.okay, maybe he didn't say give pink a chance.  Don't go making statements that you will never like something, live somewhere, or love someone.  I will change it. For I alone change hearts of stone. I will change yours as well." 

 Now before you go and start telling your neighbor that I have gone crazy, hearing God talk to me. I will disclose that he did not audibly say this to me. There was no burning bush or lightening in the sky. Just a poke that said, "hey give Pink another try"  

This blanket is exquisite; just like God's surprises. It was given to me as a gift. It's timeless. Hand woven.  Close to at least 100 years old, if not older. Made by a great, great grandmother to my punks. It was woven in love.Planned. Created. Used to warm someone, and someone after that. It's wool and kind of scratchy. But beautiful; none the less. 

It came at just the right time. I was feeling a little lost. Forgotten. Useless. Unwanted. Rootless. Wingless. Perfect timing. Perfect gift. Pink!! I will cherish it. One day pass it down in my family. Hopefully just like my faith. A legacy of God loving people. God willing. 

Thank you Lord for your timing; your will, not mine-Amen

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  1. I just saw this post today, somehow I missed it when you first wrote it. I do remember us talking about the blanket last week though. Love it. And to think you were so close to doing away with pink! That is neat to be able to have and keep it in your family.