Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brass Monkey (this ones for my favorite neighbor)

today while setting in carpool (Which is going on my list of OVER IT next week) I got a funny little text. It was all about Brass not to be mistaken for bras, and the hope that it never comes back. It was from my favorite neighbor.  So this one is for her. All the photos below are from Pinterest (You can follow if you click on the link).


  1. What the??!! It really is coming back?! I guess it must be if Pinterest says so! It was such a random thought too. Be careful with those brass knuckles, they could put an eye out!

  2. And you even found brass swans!!! Not geese but CLOSE enough! Suddenly my door knobs feel very "in fashion"!

  3. I suppose that brass collar could get rather hot if worn in the sun for too long.