Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make up for a Sick Day

Ugh!! I am sick AGAIN!!

So, here is a quick post ; how to do your make up when life doesn't stop, just because you are sick.

  • Even though you are sick and feeling like you want to fall into bed. DON'T forget your skincare routine. Wash your makeup off at night, your eyes will thank you in the morning. Make sure you moisturize day and night. Your nose will pay you compliments. Truly it will. Is that the Nyquil speaking?
  • Keep it light. I use a tinted moisturizer on these days. No need for a heavy foundation and concealer. It will just get wiped off your face. So keep it light.
  • Don't forget your eyebrows. Believe me, a nicely groomed eyebrow makes all the difference. 

I am telling you. Eyebrows are the bees knees!!
  • Two coats of waterproof mascara. You. do. not. want ugly raccoon eyes half way through the day. 

  • When your sick you usually already have pretty rosy cheeks. Why not play them up? Add a light blush. I like a cream blush when I am sick. Anything that makes my skin look a little more moisturized. You don't want to look drab and dry. Tip: When you use something creamy you need to add a powder on top. Other wise it will just rub off. This applies to cream shadow as well. I added translucent powder on top of my cheeks. It didn't change the color, but I still got the healthy moisturized look I was going for.

I am making a prediction for 2012. ROSY CHEEKS are going to be the new smokey eye. I am not kidding. EVERYONE is going to want to be sporting a rosy cheek. Mark my word!!
  • For the lips: CHAPSTICK. Mint flavored is my favorite!! Today I used Strawberry, it added just the right amount of pink.
  • Don't forget your hair. I love an easy stacked pony. Who wants to blowdry, flat iron or curl their hair when they are sick? NOT ME.

Stacked Pony: A regular or messy pony;add two rubber bands instead of one. You "stack" the rubber bands. OR if you have finer hair; you can separate your hair into two sections. Top and bottom. Back comb the crown and secure the top pony into a thin rubber band. Then "stack" the bottom section under the top section. Securing with another thin rubber band. (Make sense?) THEN with a thicker hair band secure it all together. It adds height and style to the regular old pony.Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff and J-LO are famous for these.

  • Don't forget to rest!! 
  • Lots of fluids

I am off to deliver Earnest Money and get some contracts signed. Make it a wonderful day!!

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