Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 things i am over 1.11.12

DISCLAIMER: I am about to get judgey and there is an offensive word in the following post.

Well, it's the middle of the week. The ever famous HUMP day. The one where it's half way over but not all the way. So in honor of getting over it, I am posting my tops "I'm over it" and "I want some more of it".

I'm OVER it:

  • Bling on your jeans!! Yep, sick of seeing women and MEN with bling on their butt's.
  • UGG boots and sweats. Yuck!!
  • Boots tucked into pants. Well, I like them on everyone else. Especially my long legged sister in law.Just not me. I am 5'1. Come on. Really. I am going to stick my leg in a boot with HALF my jeans sticking out!! I just cut my 1 foot leg in half. Looks ridiculous on me. I know,just after I made a ton of leg warmers with ruffles. 
  • Skinny Jeans. 'Cause I am not skinny!!
  • Burnout tees. Period.
  • My red drapes in the kitchen. Ug.lee
  • Utah drivers. Learn to merge. There are other people on the road.
  • Being stagnant. MOVE. Do something already!!
  • Poverty. I am greedy! Why can 't I share more?
  • Drug addiction and the hopeless parents/spouses/siblings/employees/citizens that it conceives. Demonic. 

The HUMP part. I am almost over the following:

  • Feathers in grown women's hair.Although I am tempted to put this blue one in mine this afternoon.
  • Smokey eye. 
  • Crackle paint on finger nails. AND furniture too. But I am WAY over that.
  • Red lips. OR am I?

I want some more of it:

  • More stats that tell me UTAH's housing market is on the rise and that the housing crisis is over.
  • Offers on the homes and properties I have listed. 
  • The Bitch Bang.(I warned you) I sport one,therefore I can call it the name I coined it. "The Bitch Bang". Why do I call it this? Because that is what you look like when you wear this thick, heavy, in your eye, side bang.You look like a female dog that has just gone in for grooming. BTW I cut a mean bang. OR as Francois would call it "Fringe"
  • Cowboy boots
  • Cardigans
  • Scarves
  • Chunky, earthy rings and necklaces. With a big fat CROSS!! Makes it all the better.
  • Pendleton/Aztec print
  • Rosy Cheeks
  • Well defined black eyeliner
  • Big fat false lashes

There you got it!

What are you over and what can't you get enough of?


  1. Ooh, I want some beeyotch bangs. Except I'm not sure that I do, because I have the world's dumbest cowlick and bangs historically do not work on me. I yearn for them from afar though. Only one person has cut cute bangs on me, and they took her FOREVER as she navigated my crazy hair waters and tried to get them so they would do what they should do each day. That was years ago.

    I am also over skinny jeans (definitely no skinniness happening in MY jeans), and I'm pretty much over feathers in the hair. And I've actually never liked crackles on anything, so I guess I'm over them too ;)

  2. Suddenly I'm feeling really self conscious ;-)

  3. @Anna. The untouched territory of the bang cowlick are treacherous. They sometimes are a haircut all on their own. Next time you are in the ol' SLC you should hit me up. I will give you a bang you'll never forget.

    @DeAnn. Are you kidding? You are the one I turn to for all my NEW favorite things. You were the inspiration for my bang. BTW you look great in a pair of skinnies.