Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year and Old Traditions

We will start our New Year with an old tradition. New Years Eve we will pullout all of the magazines, scissors, glue and the 8x10 sheet of paper.We will cut out all of the pictures that inspire us, or words that inspire us and go along with our list of goals.  Then we will start gluing all of our goals on it. We call it a GOAL BOARD. Next we hang them where we can see them everyday. It makes it easier to visualize. Maybe, you remember me talking about these goal boards back in my post about the Mercedes. YEP, she was on my goal board for years!! Sometimes it takes us a while to reach those goals. BUT you keep them in front of you, and you will attain them.

This is my 2011 Goal Board.

I loved this part of Punk #1's Goal Board

This is Punk#2's Goal Board. How did I miss the reptile in the upper right hand corner?? Should have known we would end up with some creepy crawly creature by the end of the year. We also went on a Dirt Bag vacation in the mountains. He is good!!

In my nightstand drawer, I have a list of the goals I want to accomplish each year. When I get up, I read them. This year, I am going to make it a habit to read them before bed as well. You wanna know what is on my list this year?? Well I really do not have any, besides reading them day and night :).  3 so far. (get to and maintain my goal weight, read one book a month, and my financial goal) Usually there are baby steps outlined on this sheet as well . I average about 80 written goals a year. From that I usually accomplish about 52%. Gotta know your numbers people. 

This year I am going to do it a little different.  My goal board for the most part will probably be blank. I am starting my year off with a 21 day fast. I am looking for clarity this year. I want real focus, real intent. I want change, I want movement. I will start this year out with a personal written prayer. I thought last year was hard... Lets see what God has in store for me this year. 

For now. I will focus on what was accomplished this year. 
  • Brokers License. BIG FAT CHECK!!! That had a ton of baby steps along the way.
  • Open a brokerage. We did it. Then we sold it back to our partners... heartbreak. That was not in the steps :/
  • 1/2 marathon... oops a no go. BUT I did run the Ragnar with no injuries this year !! Again many baby steps to get there.  Pat on the back. I am also heading up my own team for 2012. We have a really fun name. BUT it's a secret. I'll tell when we get closer. 

Middle of the Night giggles. We were delirious.  

  • Simplify. Oh, you bet I did. Should have taken a before and after. I have got rid of a lot of STUFF. Still getting rid of STUFF. With this goal I realized something else. My LOVE for stuff is leaving me. It is really freeing. So, my question for 2012. What do I do with this new found freedom?
  • LOVE. Yeah, believe it or not. This was a goal. I went into 2011 a little jaded. Maybe that is why my year was so strange... I decided to LOVE. Lot's of heart work this year.  Thank you JESUS.
  • Debt Free. We took the biggest step!! No more Mercedes. 

How about you? Did you meet your goals? Do you break them down so they are attainable? Do you refer back to them through out the year? Will you do something different this year? Or keep them the same? Whats your life vision? What will you do this year to make a difference? Yeah, I don't yet either... I'll keep  you posted.

Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18


  1. These goal boards are a great idea Misty. We're totally going to copy! Thank you for always being such an inspiration! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!

    (BTW, Remember how I got rid of a bunch of stuff earlier this year too? Well, the problem is that even though I put the stuff in bags, the bags never actually made it out of the house and the stuff keeps creeping back upstairs! goal is to actually get the bags of stuff OUT of the house....and not put it in my garage, shed, or basement!)

  2. I am glad I can inspire ;)You will have to show them to us when your done. I loved doing them when the boys were younger. They were so funny. One year Punk 1 cut out a cat eating cheese and that was it. When I asked why he picked that out he said "I really like cats and hope to eat more cheese."

    That's okay. I thought I had done a really good job of clearing out the basement until yesterday. I went back in the storage and realized I have at least 100 books that we no longer will read. I have to get rid of them. If I run to the Goodwill or what not I will let you know and I can take your bags with me.