Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Over it 1.18.12

It was so popular the first time, I thought I would try it again. Besides it is sort of like therapy, you know just being able to talk about the things I am  over :) I loved hearing everyone's comments through the week. I loved that all you junkies would point out when you were doing or wearing something I was totally over . :) I mostly loved seeing My favorite Neighbor in her RED skinnies. I know seriously, this girl can't go wrong.  

DISCLAIMER:  I am about to get all judgey 

Well, it's the middle of the week. The ever famous HUMP day. The one where it's half way over but not all the way. So in honor of getting over it, I am posting my tops "I'm over it" and "I want some more of it".

I'm OVER it:

  • Pink. Yes, the color. It's cute on little girls,not so much on grown women. Yes, I like pink cheeks and maybe a pink accessory. BUT I am over seeing women covered in pink. Unless it's October.I totally support pink ribbons!! Cover your body in pink ribbons. 
  • REALTORS not answering their phones. Come on people!! 
  • REALTORS not giving feedback on the homes you show. It's common courtesy.   
  • The "we have more then one offer so we need highest and best"
  • Second and third showings resulting in NO offer
  • No SNOW!! Hopefully we get some today.
  • To do lists half way done.
  • Dishes in the sink.
  • The never ending pile of laundry that has to be washed,dried, folded or ironed.
  • Feeling guilty

The HUMP part. I am almost over the following:

  • The color RED
  • Short Sales
  • Envy. Just when I think I have it handled!! That's why I am ALMOST over it. Stink'n sin.

I want some more of it:

  • Rustic in my house. I am imagining rustic with urban flair. Catch me? You know like a pair of deer horns hung on my bedroom wall; with a few strands of my pearls hanging off those bad boys. Hickory Wood floors and wall to wall mirrors. A LARGE crystal chandelier in the living room matched with a HUGE sepia toned horse canvas.I am thinking pallet coffee table with books of beautiful architecture and fashion magazines strewn about. Don't forget the fur throw over the back of my antique leather sofa. I am thinking a little tasteful taxidermy above the stairs and some antlers in a jar for a table scape. Candles in ball jars... to bad that's all in my imagination.   
  • Drop Cloth curtains
  • Punks home from school. This week they had two days off. I loved having them home.We had good conversation. We laughed a lot. I miss them today.
  • Soft Vintage Graphic Tees. With designs on them made by orphans. CommonThreads.
  • Forgiveness
  • Thrift store finds
  • Projects getting done
  • Big decisions being made. Like to homeschool or not to homeschool
  • Black horn rimmed glasses. I want some so bad I can feel the ache right in my bosom. Ha! Bosom, what a funny word.

What are you over and what can't you get enough of?

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