Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Someone's Legacy Property... I have it for sale!!

I am so blessed to be able to list this new property in Salt Lake County. It is going to be a place that makes a lot of  memories. This is going to be someone's Legacy Property!! It gave me goose bumps just driving to it.

It is 1.13 acres of recreation property. Located up Parleys Canyon. You are 15 minutes from "the Best Snow on Earth" and 15 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake. If skiing and shopping is not your thing, there is plenty of acres to hike. OR you are just 30 minutes away from at least 3 different lakes.

 I have to say this is a posh little community with not just one but two private gates to enter. You will be recreating with the "best" of Utah. Doctor's, lawyers and some of the most influential business men. As well as some real "dirtbags" Really I saw them when I took a wrong turn in the Scout. I started four wheeling, got a little scared and they just appeared. Long hair, flannels and all. Well not really, they heard me coming up their drive and was like "say what!!" They were really nice as I backed my way down their drive. They even waved me good bye. I would take 'em as a neighbor.

The HOA fees are low, $65/ year. $100.00/ year after you build your dream cabin. Power is located just 50 feet off the road, and the water is already accessible to the property. You will have to install propane and a septic tank.

Take advantage of this Legacy property for you and your family, before it's gone.