Friday, April 3, 2015

Broken Friday

It's Good Friday and I am broken.

12 Years ago {come September} I gave my life to Christ. I told him I would take up my cross and follow him, where ever he leads me.  I asked Him to raise me from this dead life. To create in me a new life.

This crucifixion of the old me has been a long road. Sometimes I feel like Sunday is just around the corner. Other days I feel like I am stuck in a perpetual Friday.

Here is the thing, none of this resurrection, new life would be possible with out the first Good Friday. The one where my Savior was beaten, falsely accused and hung on a tree. Then He said "it is finished" .

 Today I give thanks for all that He has Finished in my life. The victories I see daily.

On hard days like today. I have to remember that the Resurrection came after the Crucifixion. New life comes after the hard death.

I pray that Saturday is really around the corner. The time were the grieving and thrashing and running away has a point. That healing is taking place and tomorrow is a resurrection.

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