Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favorites {link ups}

{UPDATE: I received a comment today on the blog. You can scroll down and see it. These are the comments I love. They make you think a little differently. I have been on the other side of drug addiction. Watching my family members drown and feeling helpless. My heart aching  every time there is a relapse. I saw something other things  this week that I failed to post. They shook me at my core and made me ugly cry. The child of the addict and the addict themselves. sometimes I do not know how much is too much or not enough to post. The story of drug addiction seems to be still to near to my heart.  A place I have not fully healed from. So, I seem to pick and choose what i post and share. i am srry if I offend or have offended. Please know I love them all and appreciate each of you. Scroll down to see the new links}

This weekend I will be spending my days and nights with a large group of teenagers. I am a little frightened {what if I am a huge nerd? what if I offer to much advice? I am imagining all of the eye rolling I  might get}

Although, I have to admit the teenage years have been my favorite. I relished and miss the days that my toddlers would crawl up in  my lap and ask me to read to them. However, I delight in seeing the young adults emerging. I relish in the times I get to eavesdrop  over hear their grown up conversations. I enjoy watching them navigate relationships and profess their own faith. Oh, the passions that are developing. I can't wait to see where God takes them.

Don't get me started on the funny that goes on around here. From the witty come backs to the silly Instagram posts. They keep me laughing. They have brought an extra amount of drama, unsatisfied hunger and teasing. Yet,  I have a deep fondness for them and want to keep them around  longer.


Friday link ups for your weekend reading enjoyment:

Does Big Foot really exist? ~ National Geographic

I hate drugs!! They have been a legacy of heartache in my family. I like how this family shared their story~

The story of a child of an addict~ Speak Up Against Meth

THE other side of the addiction story~Walk a Day in the Life of an Addict

This left me giggling about my career choice~ Lighter side of Real Estate

In a way I feel the same way. The closer I inch to the big "40" the harder it is to stay in a size 4. Joni Edelman

I ordered this book and I am waiting for it's arrival ~ Fatherless Generation


  1. I read the obit. I don't see a lot wrong except I wish they would have shown a little compassion. I do hope they realize even heron addiction is a disease that deserves compassion and understanding just as if this person passed from a Cancer. An example would be a fair skinned person being told they need sunscreen and later in life passing from skin cancer due to not heading the advise. We would be mourning the horrors of cancer when this person knew better. Another would be a heavy person being told they need to watch their diet and exercise, but failed to do this and passed from heart disease. We would be expounded on the horrors of heart disease when in fact this person was warned just as the hero on addict was warned. I only wish people would truly see addiction for what it is.
    PS. I spelled disease as desire in an early sentence but his crazy post will not let me fix it. Oh well. Love your blog.

  2. Thank you Craig. You have stretched me tonight! I revamped and added to the post.

  3. Thank you Misty. It took me years to come to terms with my own fathers suicide due to addiction, but when I fell into that very same trap and won, it finaly hit me that it was not a suicide, it was the disease just like a Cancer. I say these things knowing that I sometimes give the addict another excuse to continue in their behavior, but my feelings are directed more tiwards the non-addict hopefully educating them so that we can all put our heads together and find better ways to fight this epidemic. Never feel you have offended anyone, especially someone like you that has suffered with family. Love you and your blogs. I just covered another blog of yours, I loved someone. :)