Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites { it's hard trying to change the world}

What else is there to say? It's been a week. I don't usually know what day it really is. Although I am working to meet deadlines all over the place.

Here are the blessings:

  • God gave me a neighbor years ago. I adore her. We may not be able to see each other everyday anymore, yet she encourages me. Dinner and two emails this week have kept me going.
  • The Ribbon Cutting for Kairos was a Huge Success. I had friends and family show up to support us. It was salve for my heart
  • My head is spinning. Thursday night. Wait I mean last night, I walked out of Wal-Mart with a comforter on my shoulder. I got to the car and realized I had not paid for it. I had to walk back in and pay for it. I was praying I wouldn't be arrested. Could you imagine the news headlines? I don't think it would be good PR. 
  • Pedicures with a friend. Sometimes you ever feel like you just click with someone? Maybe it's the journey they have walked? She is one of those. I really like her.
  • Lot's of errands with the MountainBoys. These kids really have their heads on straight and the comedy that comes from their crazy minds. They are truly a blessing to me.  

Not much room for favorites this week. However, this little song and words have kept me going. It's hard being a world changer...


FYI.... Things Kairos NEEDS NOW!!

  1. Volunteers. MON-FRI {9-1:30 for the first week}for childcare. Must have background check and means to transportation.
  2. MONEY. Would you like to donate? Although we do get some funds from the state there are things that are not covered. We are a small school, therefore our budget is small. By the way, anything helps. I will get a link up soon.

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